About our health clinic for refugees

The health clinic for refugees is a free service for refugees who have been in Ålesund for less than five years. You have the right to an interpreter without any extra cost.

We aim to:

  • provide medical examinations for refugees
  • follow up on the health programme for new arrivals
  • uncover health issues and trauma in children and adults
  • provide help and prevent unfortunate development
  • provide guidance for parents
  • offer help in understanding the Norwegian system of services
  • strengthen minority groups’ sexual competence and autonomy
  • provide information about coping with forced marriage and genital mutilation
  • provide guidance for children and youths growing up with two cultures

You have the right to one free medical examination within three months after arriving in Norway. The examination is voluntary and will take place at your local health clinic. A health clinic nurse will usually perform the examination.

Health care personnel are not allowed to disclose confidential information. This means that information you provide about yourself or your children will not be shared with others unless it is deemed necessary to share information for a special purpose (treatment etc.), you will then be asked to agree to this in writing.

Persons under 18 years of age will get health care whether they have a legal right to stay or not.
For persons above 18 years of age without a legal right to stay, only emergency health care will be provided.


For residents in central Ålesund, Moa or Blindheim:
Sentrum helsestasjon, Korsegata 4 b, ground floor. Phone: 70 16 43 20

For residents in Skodje, Sjøholt or Sandøy: contact your local information office (“innbyggertorg”).