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Day-care Centres

It is the aim of Aalesund Municipality that everyone who applies for a place in a day-care centre/kindergartens within the deadline of the main admission, should be offered a place.


Main admission

The deadline for applying for a place in day-care is 1 March. This deadline is final. All applicants will receive written confirmation either by e-mail or regular mail, stating that their application has been received and registered.

Places that are open from 1 August are granted in the main admission. The applications are processed in March/April, and the offer is sent to applicants in May/June.

Transfer admissions

If you want to change the time your child spends in the day-care centre, or you want to transfer your child to another unit within the same day-care centre, contact the day-care centre in question.

Offers and Waiting List

Parents who accept the offer of a place in a day-care centre must send signed confirmation by regular mail. The deadline for sending your reply is normally five days after receiving the offer. Please read the letter your receive with the offer carefully.

If you have been offered a place in accordance with the first choice on your priority list, your application will be deleted from the waiting list. If you still wish to remian on the list as an applicant for another day-care centre, you will have to submit a new application.

Applicants who are not offered a place according to their application will automatically be put on the waiting list.


The prices are regulatad annually. See the prices for our day-care centres (in norwegian).

Families wit low income can apply for reduced payment (in norwegian).


The same application form is used for both municipal and private day-care centres. The application form is in Norwegian, you can find the electronic applicationform here.

Information in Norwegian

Pages in Norrwegian about kindergartens in Aalesund

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