Education and schools

Skrevet .

Ålesund local authority is in charge of the daily operation of primary and lower secondary schools, school day-care, minority language programmes and Ålesund school of music.

 Primary and Lower Secondary Schools

Primary and lower secondary education is based on the principle of an equal and adapted education for all in an inclusive comprehensive school. The local authorities fund primary and lower secondary education and have a great deal of freedom when it comes to organising the education. Compulsory schooling in Norway lasts for ten years, and the children start school the year they turn six. All municipal schools offer care and supervision of children before and after school hours. School day-care (SFO) is offered to all children from 1th to 4th grade. Children with special needs are offered school day-care from 1th through 7th grade.

Schools  in Aalesund (in Norwegian language)


School of music and culture

Ålesund school of music and culture (Norwegian language)



International school

Aalesund International School (AaIS) is a non-profit foundation established by the Aalesund Chamber of Commerse in partnership with regional businesses and local authorities.

The purpose of the school is to provide  people in the  Aalesund area with a high quality international education for children aged 5-15. The school will serve both the growing international community as well as local Norwegians. We expect our pupils to be both foreign and Norwegian and the language of instruction will be English. Aalesund International School is committed to develop its pupils, academically and personally, to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a global society. AaIS opens in August 2012

Adult education and minority language programmes

Providing early language stimulation and Norwegian lessons for children and pupils from minority language backgrounds is the key to good learning outcomes and subsequent success in working life. The lessons should be adapted so that each learner is given the chance to develop his/her own abilities and to adapt the education to meet his/her own needs.

Ålesund voksenopplæringssenter offer Education adapted to your needs.


University College

Aalesund university college  offers a wide range of 3-year professional study programmes and prepares students for future employment and careers within business management, engineering, health care, fisheries and maritime trade. In addition AAUC offers two master programmes at present time.