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Aalesund - main facts

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Aalesund, the town and district on the 62nd latitude. The district is called Sunnmøre which means the southernmost part of Møre. The name goes back to days long past, and may even originally be British – More – according to some historians.

landskapÅlesund is a municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It is part of the traditional district of Sunnmøre, and the center of the Ålesund Region. The town of Ålesund is the administrative centre of the municipality as well as the principal shipping city of the Sunnmøre district. Ålesund municipality has a population of aprox. 43.000.

The district begins way inland with the majestic mountain peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps and stretches across the fjords on down to the sea. The town of Aalesund is perched on a series of small islands on the coast, off which the continental shelf extends with its hundreds of miles of rich fishing grounds and oil reserves.

ugleAalesund is internationally famous for its distinctive architecture in the “Art Noveau” style (Jugendstil) with towers, spires and imaginative decoration on the house facades. This particular style of architecture in the centre of Aalesund is a result of the catastrophic fire in 1904 that completely destroyed the centre of the town.

The architects that took part in the rebuilding of Aalesund were quite young and Norwegian. They were influenced by the modern architectural styles of the times in addition to being inspired by national romantic impulses. After the reconstruction, Aalesund has acquired a unique place in Norwegian and international history.

Today Aalesund is a prosperous and expanding city. It boasts a whole range of entertainment facilities and regularly hosts a wealth of cultural events. The people of Aalesund and the surrounding area believe in the spirit of achievement, the "can-do" attitude that makes the district an exciting and lively place in which to live and work.

Further information

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Children and Family Services

The office for children and family services is situated at Klipra and at Moa in Ålesund.

The administration processes all applications for assistance and provides advice on the following children and family matters like:

  • Health services
  • Pedagogical and psychologial services (PPT)
  • Social services
  • Child welfare services

Civil wedding ceremonies in the Town Hall

Wedding ceremonies take place in the Town Hall Fridays from 11 am to 3 pm. If the couple have other wishes, it must be agreed separately with the municipality.



Do you have questions?

Service Centre, telephone + 47 70 16 20 00.


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Municipality service

    For information on our services, contact

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    Targeted services



    emailbutton   Postboks 1521, N-6025 ÅLESUND   or   

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    Chief Executive 

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    Ålesund local authority offers a wide range of cultural activities to the city's inhabitants of all ages. The aim is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in and attend cultural activities.

    The municipality has a cultural guide, which gives information about cultural acitivities. The pages are in norwegian.

    Athletic activities

    Ålesund local authority is responsible for managing six different sporting arenas in Ålesund. Three indoor arenas, two fotballfields and one swimming arena.

    Opening hours and prices for Moa swimming arena, look here. The page is in norwegian.


    Ålesund music and cultural school

    The music and cultural school offers education, both individual and in groups within the genres of music, art, dance and theater. For more information call +47 70 16 34 80.

    Activities for youth

    Ålesund local authority is responsible for managing five different youth clubs, which are open during evenings. This is a cultural activity for youth in the ages from 13-20 years. We also have a new activity house in the city centre which offers a different cultural activities. The activityhouse is mainly for youths in the ages from 15-25 years.

     Kontakt oss

    Sentralbordet 70 16 20 00 (kl. 08.00 - 15.45)
    Post: Postboks 1521, 6025 Ålesund
    Besøk: Keiser Wilhelms gt. 11, 6003 Ålesund


    Org.nr.  942 953 119